Technical Education for Kenya's lost youth

We build schools to reduce unemployment


Mission & Vision

Rafiki Ya Maisah, meaning Friends for Life in Swahili, is a Franco-Kenyan nonprofit organization that aims to provide training and education to the youth in rural Kenya, in order to reduce unemployment, strife and poverty in the region.

About us

Rafiki Ya Maisha is a work of partnership and solidarity between France and Kenya. It was created in 2004 by two long-time friends, Claire Mathijsen Roth (France) and Elizabeth Tunoi (Kenya), who saw the need for education for Kenya’s ‘lost’ youth.

We built 2 higher learning vocational training schools, which became landmark schools in the region. The education enables young adults to provide for their families at large and improve the community.

Chepkanga Kenya

Where we operate

In Chepkanga and in Koshin, rural locations near Eldoret, North West Kenya in East Africa.

The inhabitants of Chepkanga and Koshin are mainly peasants and mid-level farmers whose mainstay is maize and wheat farming. 
Secondary school education for their children is financially unfeasible or academically not within reach.