We built 2 higher learning vocational training schools, which became landmark schools in the region. The education enables young adults to provide for their families at large and improve the community.

Sergoek School, Chepkanga

Sergoek Vocational Training Center

19 courses & 6 workshops

640 students & 16 teachers

The first technical school, teaching plumbery, hair dressing, garment making, masonery, welding, kitchening, … to around 100 students every year, whose goal is to find a technical job after a 2-year education in their speciality.

SERGOEK SCHOOL Plumbing Student1rst Prize winner in the County
Graduation ceremony

Koshin Technical Training Institute

Upon pening in early 2018, 20 students had enrolled in the school.

The number increased to 72 in the second quarter of the same year and 300 were admitted in the 3rd quarter. 
Here the partnership with the national government has been an essential part of this higher-level national Institution. 

koshin multi-purpose hall
Koshin multi-purpose hall
Benina Building
Benina Building
Koshin principal & guests testing new equipment
Koshin principal & guests testing new equipment