Water, new projects & renewed (amazing) Chairperson

Staff meeting at Koshin
Staff meeting at Koshin

Dear members, dear rafikis

This is our summer report and there is lots to share. A new chapter is opening in Eldoret.

It seems that the presence and efficacy of Rafiki Ya Maisha has never been felt so strongly. Efforts by all have been crowned by the steady flow of water to the school in Koshin with pumps and transformers now solidly in place. The structural issue is behind us opening the way for further projects. Two new buildings are pending approval by the Ministry of Works (1) a teaching kitchen/dining hall and (2) a lady’s dormitory, due to start by September.

In our Rafiki team in Kenya, Dr.Dinah M. our new chairperson is replacing James C., after his 15 year tenure. She is a formidable catch and we are honored that she has accepted this position. Former director of technical & vocational schools for Kenya, former PS in the Ministry of Education for Science and Technology, with a PhD from Heidelberg, Germany, Dr.M. put Koshin on the educational map as one of the 8 chosen pilot vocational schools in the country. A few years ago, she delivered 2 large containers of electric & electronic equipment to our fledgling school.

Thanks to this true believer and benefactor of technical education, we are confident that wider and broader prospects for our schools are in the cards. Complacency and stagnation are being replaced by renewed energy. Dynamism and joy define the change of climate.

Zipporah K., recently appointed principal in January, had already raised the number of students to 500 in just one term. From this point onwards, our average institution, can only improve exam results from where we currently stand.

Enjoy our review in the picture gallery and thank you as ever for your support.

Kwa Heri,


New Pump House at Koshin
Dr.Dinah M., new Chairperson, Kenya chapter
New Chair-New Principal, equipment handover
Trainees sitting exams this July
Board Meeting with France in Video!
A very green school thanks to abundant RAIN